Introducing: Emily & John!

Posted: March 21, 2017

By: Emily & John

We are still somewhat in a state of shock after finding out that we are the winners of the 2017 Real Maine Wedding of the Year Contest! Sunday was an incredible whirlwind of a day that left us feeling so grateful.
We rode up to Maine from Boston with our family with butterflies in our stomach, but also just feeling so lucky to be in the finals with such deserving couples. When we first arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport we were cordially greeted by Christine Parker the director of sales for Real Maine Weddings. She is so kind and charismatic and made us feel so comfortable with the whole process. She introduced us to Justin and Michelle Perry, the winners of last year's contest, who were warm and welcoming and so genuine on congratulating us on being in the finals. Justin joked that he was excited to "pass the torch" to the winning couple whoever it may be! Next we had a chance to meet the other two finalists. We explained that we felt like we knew them already after watching their videos during the contest so many times and it was great to finally meet them.
After enjoying some of the bridal expo with our family, Christine gathered us over in the hall where we would prepare for the big announcement. As we stood nervously with Dana, Tim, Erica, and Juan (who joined us via Skype) we listened to Melanie Brooks, editor of Real Maine Weddings Magazine, kick off the press conference. She passed the microphone to Justin and Michelle who announced the winning couple! When Michelle said our names as the winner it honestly took us a few long moments for us to register what had just happened to us. We hugged and kissed each other, slowly realizing how fortunate and blessed we were to have been chosen for this dream wedding. We couldn't contain our excitement as the vendors and our family congratulated us and it started to sink in that we were about to embark on this incredible journey together.
We were first warmly greeted by Russell Caron from Russell Caron Wedding Photography who did a wonderful job capturing the first of many exciting and special moments on camera. We were also thrilled to meet Kim Chapman of Kim Chapman Photography who we also look forward to working with. The folks from Mainely Wedding Cakes were some of the first to congratulate us after the announcement. They were so lovely and excited for us and we are so eager to start working with them on some of their beautiful designs! We were lucky to run into Jim from Maine to Boston Photo
Booths who was manning the photo booth and magic mirror at the bridal show and who we learned would be supplying the photo booth services for our wedding day.
We sat down with Christine and Melanie and were introduced to Amber Small from Sweetest Thing Weddings who we were ecstatic to learn would be our wedding planner! We immediately felt like we were in great hands with these three incredible women, and we knew that we were in for a fun filled adventure ahead! We are so incredibly thankful to all the vendors who voted for us and who donated their services to us and creating a wedding experience that we know we'll never forget! We also wanted to thank Real Maine Weddings for this opportunity and thank them in advance for all of the festivities that wait for us just around the corner.

Photos by Russell Caron Wedding Photography

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