Planning Day #4: The Last Planning Day!

Posted: July 13, 2017

By Emily Corradina and John Robinson
It was time to for us to head up to Portland from Boston for our final planning day. We are going to miss the excitement of planning days where we get to meet such awesome, generous, and talented people, but we are so excited that everything has been picked for voting and we can now have our eyes fixed on the big day! 
We met with Christine and Melanie, our favorite ladies from Real Maine Weddings and Kim Chapman of Kim Chapman Photography. Our last planning day began with a meeting with Mainely Wedding Cakes to experience something we've been looking forward to for a long time—tasting some wedding cake! 

We met with the lovely owner and chief cake artist of Mainely Wedding Cakes, Linda Noddin who had an array of delicious cakes, fillings, and frosting ready for us on arrival all on pretty china! After a very warm and friendly welcome from Linda she showed us her state of the art baker's kitchen. Her passion shows through so much in her work you can taste it! Once we started tasting her delicious sample cakes we knew our wedding cake was also going to taste as good as it looked! She had an amazing vision for our theme and she knew what would be perfect for the design of our cake. It was such a joy meeting with Linda and getting to meet her family and we just love how honest, hardworking, and as you might expect with amazing bakers, how sweet they are! We are so grateful to Linda and Mainely Wedding Cakes for creating a masterpiece for our reception. 
Our next stop was a sit down with the creative Carol Sullivan from Fox Run Studios, who specializes in hand painted silk art, and has generously agreed to make us a custom piece for our wedding. She has so many beautiful, colorful designs and has a real passion and skill for art and silk painting in particular. We're so excited to see the finished product and it was so nice meeting with her. A big thank you to Carol at Fox Run Studios and keep up the amazing work! 

We then headed over to the Portland Regency roof top deck, which is the site of our welcome party for our guests and vendors! We met with the very nice and hospitable staff at Portland Regency, including David Davis the director of sales. They greeted us at the entrance of the hotel with big smiles and walked us up to the roof top deck, which opened up to some unbelievable 360-degree views of the city of Portland. 
We sat down and David was able to lay out every detail of the event for us and whenever we had a question or suggestion he was right there with a solution. They have every step of the way planned for our welcome party, including the food and music. We were given a menu to select from which had so many delicious choices we are still trying to decide what to serve! David told us that the chef was incredible, has been working there for 20 years, and the food choices we were offered sounded phenomenal. They are going to have a full bar set up right on the roof deck for our party complete with local craft beers on draught, our favorite! We felt so fortunate to be having a welcome party let alone to be having it hosted at such a cool venue. Thanks so much again to the Portland Regency and we can't wait for our welcome party! 

We eventually had to come down from the roof deck and head over to our next meeting, which was at the site of our reception dinner, The Portland Masonic. When we arrived we were immediately taken back by the architecture both inside and out. We met with Fausto Pifferrer and Reuben Bell, the President and Vice-President of Blue Elephant Events and Catering, along with Angela Fall the General Banquet Sales and Event Manager from the Portland Masonic. Fausto, Reuben, and Angela were really awesome, they gave us a little tour of the beautiful temple complete with an original 1910's hand operated elevator ride and a surprise trip to a secret location on the roof of the temple. 
The Portland Masonic is filled with two things we really love, unbelievable architecture and a ton of history. It's a perfect intimate and interesting setting for our reception dinner with our friends and family. We sat down with Reuben and Fausto and learned about the beautiful meal they are planning to create for a sit down dinner in the Scottish Rite Room, complete with chandeliers, candlelight, and a fireplace. What an awesome and cozy experience it's going to be! 

We left the Portland Masonic feeling so well taken are of and truly in awe at all the generosity and awesome things we have to look forward to. Thank you, again, to Fausto and Reuben from blue elephant catering and Angela from the Portland Masonic for all your hard work and dedication in making our reception dinner spectacular. 
For our last meeting of the day we had a challenge ahead of us—a mannequin challenge to be exact! We were going to meet with the creative artists at Steamfruit. Michael and Laura Vickery have a studio complete with a 3D image scanner and what we've been describing as a life size lazy Susan. The challenge—strike a pose and hold it for 3-4 minutes while your entire body is captured in 3D. 

We were a little nervous about this one, but it turned out to be one of the most fun experiences thus far, and left us laughing and really impressed at the level of artistry and technology that goes into the cake toppers that Steamfruit creates! We can't wait to see how they come out and people will be in for a fun surprise when the choices come up for voting! Thank you again to Mike and Laura at Steamfruit
Lastly a big and warm thank you to Kim Chapman of Kim Chapman Photography for capturing every special moment of our day. This marked the end of a bittersweet final planning day, and we left feeling so thankful and above all in our opinion, worry free! Everything has been handled with the utmost professionalism and sincerity by all the vendors and this experience has been incredibly amazing. We can't thank everyone enough for all their kindness, talent, hard work and generosity! We are so fortunate and grateful for this experience. 

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