The Winning Coaster Gifts are...

Find out which A&E Stoneworks design was the fan favorite... | October 06, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Coaster Gifts...

A&E Stoneworks is offering three designs of their Maine-made coasters for you to vote on! | September 28, 2017

The Winning Place Setting is...

Find out what place setting from Savvy Event Rental will be used at Emily & John's wedding reception! | September 15, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Place Settings

We want to know what Savvy Event Rental place settings you like the best! | September 04, 2017

The Winning Cake Topper is...

Find out what finish Emily & John's STEAMfruit cake topper will look like! | September 01, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Cake Topper

Emily and John posed for their cake topper at STEAMfruit in Biddeford. Now it's time to pick your favorite one! | August 21, 2017

John's Winning Wedding Attire...

Find out what John will be wearing from Bowline Co. and His and Hers on his big day! | August 18, 2017

VOTE for John's Attire

It's time to choose what John will wear on his big day! Suit from His & Hers and bow tie from Bowline Co.! | August 07, 2017

The Winning Wedding Cake Flavor is...

Find out which flavors Mainely Wedding Cakes will use in Emily and John's wedding cake! | August 04, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Wedding Cake

It's time to vote on the wedding cake flavors from Mainely Wedding Cakes! | July 24, 2017

The Winning Bridal Jewelry is...

Find out which bridal jewelry set from Day's Jewelers Emily will wear on her big day! | July 21, 2017

Planning Day #4: The Last Planning Day!

Emily and John's last planning day was filled with creative businesses and amazing venues! | July 13, 2017

VOTE for Emily's Bridal Jewelry

Help pick out the jewelry from Day's Jewelers that Emily will wear on her big day! | July 10, 2017

The Winning Wedding Favor is...

Find out which buoy design by the Maine Wedding Artist was the public's pick! | July 07, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Wedding Favors

The Maine Wedding Artist will create handpainted buoys for Emily & John's wedding. You get to pick what they look like! | June 26, 2017

The Winning Wedding Bands are...

Find out which Day's Jewelers wedding bands Emily and John will wear! | June 23, 2017

VOTE on Emily & John's Wedding Rings...

Emily and John have chosen a selection of wedding bands from Day's Jewelers for YOU to vote on! | June 12, 2017

The Winning Honeymoon Destination is...

Find out which Club Med resort Emily & John will relax at after their very Maine wedding! | June 09, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Club Med Honeymoon

Emily and John met with Dube Travel to talk about their fabulous Club Med honeymoon options. They've narrowed their picks down to three locations for YOU to vote on! | May 29, 2017

The Winning Invitation is...

Find out which invitation Zula Bell will create for Emily and John's wedding! | May 26, 2017

Planning Day #3: Visiting 5 Maine Businesses!

Emily and John made some big decisions about their honeymoon, reception, gifts, and attire! | May 18, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Wedding Invitations

Jessica at Zula Bell created three stunning choices for you to vote on! | May 15, 2017

The Winning Wedding Gown is...

Find out which lovely gown from Andrea's Bridal was the fan favorite! | May 12, 2017

Planning Day #2: Invitations, Jewelry, and Decor

Emily and John had a lot to do on their second planning day. They met with some great vendors and made some important decisions! | May 03, 2017

Planning Day #1: Attire

Emily, John, and their families headed to Portland to try on dresses, tuxes, and suits! | May 02, 2017

VOTE for Emily's Wedding Gown

Emily spent time trying on wedding gowns at Andrea's Bridal in Portland. Pick which one you think she should wear on her big day! | May 01, 2017

The Winning Wedding Design Theme Is....

Find out which design by Sweetest Thing Weddings will be featured at Emily and John's event! | April 07, 2017

VOTE for Emily & John's Design Theme

Let's kick off the voting aspect of the 2017 RMW of the Year with the design, created by Sweetest Thing Weddings. | March 28, 2017

Introducing: Emily & John!

Emily Corradina and John Robinson are the winners of our 2017 Real Maine Wedding of the Year contest! | March 21, 2017

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