VOTE for Michelle's Bridesmaids' Gowns!

Posted: April 25, 2016

It's always a bit crazy when you get a bunch of women with different taste and style together to try on bridesmaid gowns, but Michelle and her crew did a great job picking their favorites! Molly from The Henry's Bridal Boutique & Formal Wear was on hand to zip, pin, cinch, and clamp—and the final three gowns are all stunning!

Michelle has decided that the winning gown will be ordered in navy blue—so disregard the color of these gowns and just focus on their style. 

You will have until Thursday, May 5 to vote for your favorite. We'll reveal the winning gown on Friday, May 6!

Gown #1

Gown #2

Gown #3
Photos by Patrick McNamara Photography

Michelle's Bridesmaids' Gown Please vote for your favorite bridesmaids' gown from The Henry's Bridal Boutique & Formal Wear. The poll is closed.
Gown #1
Gown #2
Gown #3

A big THANK YOU to Molly and the crew at The Henry's Bridal Boutique & Formal Wear! No matter what dress these lovely ladies end up wearing, we know they will be drop dead gorgeous!


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