Planning Day #2: Sweets and Flowers

Posted: April 28, 2016

By Michelle White

This weekend of wedding planning was so fun! Christine from Real Maine Weddings and Amber from Sweetest Thing Weddings were on hand for all three of our meetings. 
We started the day by meeting Owen Dyer from ConfectionArt. We really clicked with Owen—he is an incredible artist and the cakes he makes are truly masterpieces! What is so special about Owen is that he uses his mother’s and grandmother’s recipes when baking. The cakes we tried were all moist and full of flavor! We decided that each tier of our cake would be a different flavor. This wedding cake is going to be unbelievable! Justin and I already decided that we are going to feel bad cutting into such a beautiful work of art. Thank you to Owen and his husband, Jim, for welcoming us into your home with love and lots of laughter. We are thrilled to have you creating this masterpiece cake for us!


Our next stop was to meet with Michelle Rose from Minka Fine Flowers. I knew I would love her ideas and spunk as soon as I met her. She knows exactly how to make a vision come to life. We discussed all aspects of the wedding. I can’t wait for everyone to see the flowers and decorations. Meeting with Michelle made this wedding come to life. I could begin to envision our guests at the tables with certain centerpieces and decorations. Justin is even building the Chuppah (or the archway) that we will be standing under in our ceremony! We are excited to tackle this building project together, as it will be something that can eventually be part of our yard at our home after the wedding.  I can’t wait to see Michelle’s ideas in action, making this wedding different from any other nautical wedding. I know she will use her talents to amaze our guests and us!


Last, but not least, we stopped at Auntie’s House! We met the awesome and generous owners, Tracey and Bob Hart, and got to sample some yummy Whoopie Pie Balls. We decided on three different flavors for the public to vote on. Our guests are going to love the chocolaty goodness of the Whoopie Pie Balls! The next time Justine and I are around in Kennebunk, you can guarantee we will be stopping in for a chocolate treat from Auntie’s House! Our planning day definitely did not help my diet for the wedding that is for sure! I can’t resist these sweet treats! 

Photos by Patrick McNamara Photography

We enjoyed meeting these amazing vendors and appreciate their individual talents. Our next planning day will be a busy one! Stay tuned for more!

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