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February 01, 2021

These are the current guidelines regarding group gatherings (including wedding receptions) in the State of Maine. Remember that you need to include front of house staff in your total headcount. This includes catering servers, bartenders, DJs, band members, photographers, videographers, and anyone else that will be occupying the same space as your guests during your reception. For complete details visit the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.
Indoor Gatherings
For indoor seated gatherings, the total number of people at any one time must be no more than 50 per room, with no more than two rooms used. This includes front-of-house staff. Tables should be spaced to ensure that guests of separate parties are no less than 6 feet apart when seated.

Outdoor Gatherings
For outdoor seated gatherings, the occupancy limit is 100 people. This includes front-of-house staff. Establishments with outdoor seating should ensure that they have a back-up plan for outdoor seating that adheres to physical distance requirements in case of inclement weather.

For general information on current Large Gathering restrictions in Maine, visit this link.